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Metal Forming

Quick Draw Specializes in Metal Forming

Metal forming is a catchall term for a wide variety of manufacturing processes that shape the metal by deforming it into the desired shape and geometry. A force is applied that exceeds the yield strength of the material. The end product is shaped without adding or removing material and its mass remains unchanged.

This is an art as well as a science. More than engineering is required to produce complex shapes from varying materials and make it right the first time. Quick Draw understands this process on both levels. We have the know how, skill, art and machinery to fashion the products you require.

We are a customer-centric company whose focus is on customer service, accuracy and quality. Our additional goals are aiding customers in the design phase, responsiveness to their needs and on-time delivery while maintaining the highest quality standards. Contact us today to find out how we can make your project a lot easier.

General Stamping

At Quick Draw & Machining, we provide premium quality metal stampings for small and large components made from a range of different materials.  Our stamping capabilities include embossing, coining, bending, and flanging parts up to 60” in length with an original material thickness between .002” and .120”.  If your project is outside of these dimensions, do not hesitate to contact us as we may still be able to accommodate depending on geometric shape.  Whereas the deep drawing process typically requires multiple, progressive stamping operations to create a finished part, standard metal stamping can usually be performed in a single operation.  An in-depth knowledge of materials and metalworking processes are critical to our ability to provide customers with the best quality metal stamping parts at the most competitive prices.

Our team can also accommodate processes such as secondary machining, part marking, chemical filming, and quality testing.  Chem-film coating, passivation, and powder coating processes can all be performed to prevent corrosion or provide a desired aesthetic.  Penetrant inspection allows us to verify the structural integrity of the part by identifying micro-cracks of surface defects not detectable by visual inspection alone.  Metal stamping can be performed for production runs as small as 50 pieces, up to high volume production, with an average lead time of 4 to 12 weeks depending on the scope of the project.  For additional information about our metal forming capabilities, contact us directly.

All shapes and materials form differently; our capabilities have an undefinable range with engineering knowledge.  This chart is an example of our average size range.

Material Thickness Max .187”
Length Max 60”
Depth Dependent on shape
Tolerance (+/-) .002” in.
Additional Services Provided Chem-Film, Anodizing, & other anti-corrosion coatings
Machining of finished parts to meet tighter tolerances
Painting, Powder Coating
Part Marking
Penetrant Inspection
Production Volume 50 piece minimum
Maximum run variant on schedule and capacity
Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
High Volume
Typical Lead Time 4-12 Weeks, Dependent on complexity of project
Industry Focus Aerospace