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With our ever-growing selection of products we are now making reproduction backing plates for the infamous Ford 427 “Cammer” SOHC engine. By using a variety of techniques we are able to produce these parts without a drawing and reverse engineer it using a sample part. By utilizing deep drawing as a step to form the initial bump and water jet cutting for the remaining holes these backing plates will be produced consistently. The FE series engines were used in cars, trucks, buses, and boats, as well as for industrial pumps and other equipment. Ford produced the engine from 1958 and Read More

Deep Draw Copper Electrode
Unmatched reliability and performance. Quick Draw deep draw copper electrodes are the dependable solution you are looking for. Our deep draw process uses less material saving you money. The process is also highly efficient saving you turnaround tme on orders making sure you wont be delayed by the need for more components. Find out how Quick Draw can meet you needs Read More

From the simplest stainless discs and cups to the exotic needle guards made from chemically pure titanium used for long term implants, we have built them all. We have been developing and delivering needle guards for over twenty-five years. Volumes range from small quantities for special applications to large yearly scheduled quantities. Many of the more complex assemblies require rare earth magnets, laser welding, and when using 316L, we even employ one of the best electro-polishers on the West Coast. Let us build it for you right from the start with our design assistance to enjoy the latest up to Read More